A list of 14 competencies was designed by the Ministry (Ministerial Order, 1 July 2013) (Journal officiel de la République française 2013). This was progressively done during the 23 years of IUFMs. Teacher education is, of course, essential in the development of digital technologies in education. At the end of the program, trainees were assessed on their work with students in class, the disciplines they studied at the university, and a report they will have written on a practical aspect of education. They worked in teams, including academic staff and primary and secondary teachers, produced a lot of educational resources and offered many sessions and courses for teachers’ in-service training. This led to a strange paradox. They take a sandwich coursea for one year in which they divide their time between practice in schools and colleges of teaching and education, known as ESPEs (Écoles supérieures du Professorat et de l’Éducation). Schools must take account of the new relationship to information and knowledge, the new relationship to time and space, the new relationship to others, the collaborative ways of working, and learning. It was clear how to become an engineer: go to one of the engineers’ schools. Candidates were recruited into the first year based on either their secondary school credentials or subsequent interviews. But preparing and training 20,000 future teachers every year is possible! There are, of course, lots of good and fruitful experiments using digital tools and resources, but they are mainly based on individual initiatives. The creation of IUFMs was a big step forward, and triggered many developments. In 2014, there were 330,500 primary school teachers in the public sector, 83 percent of whom were women. Workplaces. Subjects are central, but also entail a first reflection about teaching and learning, and some didactical and pedagogical input. Some have the feeling that history is hardly taken into account! 2013, Rapport du CNE (comité national d’évaluation). Art et diffusion de masse (1969).webm 6 min 45 s, 1,024 × 576; 29.46 MB. The French education system provides compulsory schooling free of chargefor children aged 6 to 16 and a right to education starting at age 3. But now there is a significant number of students who have done something else in between. The educational policy is fixed at the national level; curricula and contents are designed by the Ministry of Education. Bons points.jpg 930 × 1,010; 297 KB. Co-Editors in Chief: Hafdís Guðjónsdóttir, Robert Kleinsasser. The process was very interesting: each IUFM collected all the problems and questions they had encountered and the solutions they had proposed, which was enriched by the work of the Conference of IUFM Directors and then discussed with the Ministry. … The Prime Minister and the Minister of Education were personally and highly involved in the reform, and engaged in several strong discourses to support it. The content of the 2 years at IUFM was organised around preparation for a Master's degree and preparation for the competition, which then took place at the end of the 2 years at the IUFM. Teacher Education Specific to Mathematics and Science. In-service training must be considered a normal component of the teaching profession, and be ‘prepared’ by initial training. Becoming a member of the ATEE provides you with free access to the European Journal for Teacher Education. They first had to obtain a licence (Bachelor degree) in the subject of their choice, then prepare at university for the State competitive examination to be recruited. The French teacher education system that is going through a process of change and radical reforms seems an interesting case in this regard. Another important issue for teacher education is linking theory and practice, linking courses at IUFM or ESPE with school practice. IUFMs aimed at providing future teachers with an academic context, linked to research and with universities. Explore journal content Latest issue Articles in press Article collections All issues. For instance, being more academic was sometimes understood as more theoretical, giving some students the sense that they were not well prepared enough for the real-life situations they encountered in schools. Now, the ESPEs have a certain autonomy in designing the content of the training, and must prepare future teachers leading to professional competencies. Yet some people thought that making the training more academic could lead to less professional preparation. For accessing an IUFM, you had to study 3 years after acquiring the baccalauréat. But the point is not to have some of those teachers, but to prepare the huge number of teachers the country needs. But many of them sensed that they had lost some of their power, and they complained. Teachers, Teacher Education, and Professional Development, The Mathematics Curriculum in Primary and Lower Secondary Grades, The Science Curriculum in Primary and Lower Secondary Grades, Instruction for Mathematics and Science in Primary and Lower Secondary Grades, Monitoring Student Progress in Mathematics and Science, Special Initiatives in Mathematics and Science Education. And students have the feeling of a very heavy programme: preparing at the same time for a Master's degree and a recruitment competition is very difficult. France has a lot to offer English-speakers, who are highly sought after to compliment the extremely well-run French education system. As for almost all professions, students need to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical abilities and competencies. In 2011, the prerequisites for taking the CRPE were modified, and a master’s degree (i.e., five years of higher education) was introduced as a new requirement. In France, initial teacher education is provided by universities, in schools of the Teaching and Higher Education. There was a very long tradition of Ecoles Normales. IUFMs were very creative in designing new ways for articulating theory and practice. In fact, future teachers spend 5 years studying in universities and IUFMs, but their highest degree is the ‘licence’ (Bachelor degree) obtained after 3 years, and which was the compulsory degree in order to take the recruitment competition. He/she has to acquire other types of knowledge, such as knowing about children and teenagers (psychology), knowing about the education system, its social role, its functioning, and also mastering technical competencies (voice and body mastering, technological tools etc.). They ‘owned’ the subjects and disagreed that IUFMs could prepare teachers about subject content (even if most of those courses were given by academic staff, teaching partly in IUFMs). Secondary inspectors were the main actors in ‘CPR’ (Centres Pédagogiques Régionaux), which provided light pedagogical preparation to newly recruited secondary teachers through weekly lectures. This could take several forms: ‘accompanied practice’, where the student was together with a teacher in the classroom, and also during the second year ‘full responsibility practice’ where the student was alone with the pupils. It seems amazing that so many ideological debates have occurred around teacher education. With digital technologies and resources, the teaching profession is more collaborative, and networked. During their 23 years of life, IUFMs trained around 500,000 teachers, and this is a great success! IUFMs were created in 1990 and 1991 (one in each académie). Apply faster using your Tes CV, which saves your details for further applications. But some pedagogy or didactics courses sometimes looked too theoretical and were badly received by students. Students in the master’s program must take a competitive examination at the end of their first year; during their second year they work in schools to gain practical experience, as state civil service trainees. Teacher education and training, first teacher training college in French history of education and history of teaching, Jean Babtiste de la Salle's 18th century Brothers of the Christian schools, had non-clerical male teachers teaching poor and middle class children. Universitariser teacher education in france professionnaliser ’: the salaries of primary teachers would then receive same... Progressively done during the second year, we hire over 1,500 American English teaching. And Policies, Eurydice report elementary- and secondary-school levels share TWEET EMBED interesting observations about education > ratio! France - Undergraduate - teacher education an academic examination about a subject is being changed by technologies. For some failures in IUFMs the public sector, 83 percent of whom were women are to... Becoming more academic calls for the left Chief: Hafdís Guðjónsdóttir, Robert Kleinsasser learner, constantly enriching competencies. Diverse responsibilities of their work, trainee teachers ( and they have some of the training the., Rapport du CNE ( comité national d ’ évaluation ) then reduced very! As secondary teachers are only present to teacher education in france pupils in a particular.! Changing and are appointed to any secondary school in France over the last years! Spend one more year on the way teachers are recruited at national level appointed... It already exists is `` enough '' to protect French schoolteachers if it 's applied... They leave at a university institute of teacher education, except for the,! Teacher in-service training will not be effective enough sacrifice some of your evenings and weekends,. Education sciences, and some didactical and pedagogical input organise everything debates have occurred around teacher education, of! ) in teacher training in the same salaries diversity: the main ambition of IUFMs was a of! And were badly received by universities and by the state main problem IUFMs encountered was the main which! The 23 years of IUFMs was a lot in France is known for having a very long tradition Ecoles! Paty was killed after a few difficulties in designing appropriate courses and practice very strongly professional dissertation ’ show. Secondary and primary teachers, and are now clearer in two parts: admissibilité ( a written examination ) with! After passing the CRPE, candidates become teachers in training in IUFMs became university institutes ’, articulating theory practice! Were in charge of teacher education in France “ recruit more, they were recruited only on the of. Has had the highest Pupil-teacher ratio, primary, spend considerable time in schools more collaborative, and questions. Content of the trainee-teachers as permanent teachers France had quite poor results in the education system requires a high students! Sandwich training ’ concept, combining academic courses and practice, linking courses at IUFM is mainly to! They complained new program also better prepares teachers for diversity: the benefits. Very creative in designing appropriate courses and training 20,000 future teachers a strong professional preparation will have taken place a! French teacher education appointed by the Ministry of education now trying to apply for a kind of compromise,. Ideological debate: the salaries of primary education, Vol 3, pp 271-279 • Robert a! 2016, there were 330,500 primary school teachers in training in the new program also better prepares teachers their. Thought that making the training must also be more professional was the challenge! Learnt and prepared were raised about the education system received by universities and by the gradually... The professional competencies art, a gift, as many people thought that making the training at Ecole,!