Share. Form Use the same auxiliary verb as in the main sentence. 49.Do you like coffee or tea? 8.What did you see in your dream last night? Send to Friend. 100 Random Questions For You. what’s your favorite season? 51.What are you going to dress up for Halloween this year? 57.How often do you see your best friend? 1. the use of do in the two coffee questions. 73.Can you survive eating only pizza and water for a month? What was the prank about? This question means “What is your job/profession?” 1. I don't know WTF happened. I used to be an engineer.“Retired” means you have stopped working (usually after you are 60 or 65 years old). to a statement to make it into a question. 3. Trivia Quiz quiz which has been attempted 10032 times by avid quiz takers. 2. 53.What is that one thing that never fails to make you smile? 4.What are the three words to describe your personality? 95.What is your favorite weather? Question tags are used at the end of statements to turn the statements into questions. 69.What are you grateful for in your life? 31.What is your favorite TV channel? 100 Interesting Questions To Ask People. Also explore over 691 similar quizzes in this category. are like keys that can open many doors. Best Friend Questions. 1. 64.Is there anything you love to do but never do it for some reason? 4. Smoking or non-smoking? Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? 1 If someone is looking for questions to ask someone in order to get to know them better than they can ask the best 100 questions tag. If there is no auxiliary verb in the main sentence, we use do in the tag. For ESL learners. 6. … 90.Do you have long nails or short ones? The Get to know me tag is also called the "All about Me Tag" and "Questions about Me tag." 7.What is your favorite childhood rhyme? 33.Do you like babies? Best friend? Mind the traffic, will you? Mari explains that she wanted to do a "tag" despite no one "tagging" her. 21.What would you do if you could be an astronaut for a day? 18.What is the one thing you do not leave your home without? 54.What are you allergic to? If there is no auxiliary verb, use do for present and did for past. You can also use these questions to create a “100 facts about me” blog post and invite fellow bloggers and vloggers to share facts about themselves . 28.Do you still watch Disney movies? 99.Are ghosts real? 1.) One can even use the questions to post on social media and this is a good way to pass time and let their friends know about them. Tags for youtube or for having fun with friends. This tag is made of 50+ Q&A random questions that your friends or followers don’t know about you. 5. Follow. Leave me alone.). Are you ready to stand out among the audience and answer all this tag questions? Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? 4. effervescencebehaviours. (Tags) In the TMI tag, usually a person sits down to share some of … 84.What are your favorite hobbies? Please edit it to make the article better as long as the information you add is completely accurate. Best 20 Questions Tag 93.Do you use hacks and cheat for games? He won't mind if I use his phone, will he? Tag questions are made using an auxiliary verb (for example: be or have) and a subject pronoun (for example: I, you, she). 29.When did you last have a nightmare? Neither Mari nor Melanie sleep with their sheets tucked in. 39.Can you tell the difference between a fresh salmon and an old one? it was my first time applying them by myself lol. 100 QUESTIONS TAG! 3. is overused and just so boring to answer. 89.Can you sing the national anthem? We normally use question tags to check something you think you know or you think is true. 100 QUESTIONS TAG 1K 5 6. by lifeofthepxrty. Mari would also steal shampoo and similar items, especially "interesting things" like razors. Question tags are short questions at the end of statements. 59.Where do you see yourself in 15 years? 42.Do you have more than one YouTube accounts? Your email address will not be published. 62.Do you give importance to the value of friendship? 43.Purple or blue? 48.What is your favorite vegetable? Required fields are marked *, Get to Know Me Tag 78.Is there any day of the week that you do not like? 92.What do you think about dress shoes? Best friend? by MattyBRapz (MattyB) with 308 reads. Let’s go! 86.Did you ever get lost? scJsHost+ 100 Questions Tag! 16.Are you interested about underwater life? The TMI tag (Too Much Information tag) is exactly as the name implies – there is no question too awkward and no answer too personal. 100 Fun, Interesting Sibling Tag Questions No One Asks 2019 Melanie would habitually steal from hotels and would try to steal directly from the maid's cart. nikolascblack. Next Video → Think before you talk or talk before you think? Try some out and see what you think! 30.Do you ever have headaches? WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Looking for the 100 Questions No One Ever Asks Tag? 40.Do you eat avocados every day? 23.Is there anything special you learned as a kid? Before we get started, grab some popcorn, a cup of hot chocolate and get comfortable! You can create your own tag using About Me questions like the ones you’ll find in this article. I’ve compiled a list of questions to ask on social media to help get the conversation started. #100 #100 questions #questions #question #this or that #ask me #ask #ask away #text post #blow up my ask box #q&a #questions and answers #this or that questions. 1) What was the last picture you took with your phone? 11.Can you sing like a pro? Find out here and have fun! Online quiz to test your understanding of English tag questions. #100 random questions #tag #qq #question #questions #question tag #numbers #questions tag #about me #ask me anythig #ask me anything. Best List of Sister Tag Questions [Source] "https://secure." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Here are those questions. Melanie is unsure but is thinks she sleeps with her door closed since she was afraid of people coming in her room to murder. 47.Windows or Mac? 2.What is the last thing you did yesterday before going to bed? 56.Are you open to spiritually? Yesterday watching a Molson Canadian Commericial 3. is the first and currently only episode of Tags by Mari Takahashi on her personal channel AtomicMari, featuring Melanie Moat. Read 100 questions tag! var sc_invisible=1; YouTube tags is the super cool and easiest way to get your viewers know about the person whose videos they watch and follow. ; If the statement is positive, the tag is usually negative and vice versa. My answers to the 100 Questions tag! 15.What are your favorite superheroes? Today I am going to be doing another tag! Claudia wasn’t in the class, was she? Release Date He never acts like a gentleman, does he? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? 96.What is your favorite cheese?97.How do you spend your Saturdays? 3.1. 1. Length Here are the questions and my answers: 1. 83.Is there any online game that you play? Episode Series 77.What was the last thing you learned? 45.Do you sleep in the dark or with the lights on? 61.Whom do you trust the most? 12.Why do you think many people do not get along well with their family? Then you tag others, who answer the same questions in blog posts or videos of their own. 3.How many times do you wash your feet in a day? No, of course he won't. ‎This article has insufficient information about this article. If someone is looking for questions to ask someone in order to get to know them better than they can ask the best 100 questions tag. 65.Do you like diamonds? 2. 2. Share via Email Report Story Send. ; Question tags are formed with the auxiliary or modal verb from the … As a kid, Mari always had her door closed and would have dreams that she and Freddy Kreugar were friends and they would go on a killing spree against her school bullies. var sc_project=9926965; Friend Tag Questions 25.Physics or Chemistry? The auxiliary verb or verb to be in the statement matches the verb used in the tag. 1. Get to know someone better today! To form the two-word tag questions, you must follow the rules below: The subject in the statement matches the subject in the tag. 32.Have you read all the books of Twilight or Harry Potter? I have compiled a list of 100 different questions that you can ask someone to get to know more about them. 4) Do you know your heritage? Accurate 100 questions personality quiz. 4. : "http://www. 8 months ago molly . 9.What are you scared of the most? 5. We don't even know you. More commonly known as the 100 questions tag? If you really want to get to know someone, questions (not all at once, of course!) "'>"); Your email address will not be published. It is also great Q and A material. 100. Who knows you the best? THE FUN QUESTIONS TAG 13 QUESTIONS TAG THE THROWBACK TAG New Reading List. 2. 2. 41.Can you wash your clothes without the machine? by Editor. 70.How many selfies do you take in a day? by lifeofthepxrty Follow. Vote. 5) What have you always wanted? 36.What color would you like to dye your hair? and their answers, under the cut. We can add question tags like isn't it?, can you? Mari Takahashi and Melanie Moat at Mari's house 2) Do you know any big gossips? 37.When is your birthday? I’m retired now. ; Examples: 37,724 notes. Remember that in Present Simple, do is optional in positive statements (You like coffee/You do like coffee). 76.Do you like parties? Follow. 1.1. This tag can go viral on social media platforms, especially YouTube, as you will see at the end of this article, many YouTube stars get hundreds of thousands of views for simply doing a challenge . ← Previous Video If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is affirmative, the tag is negative. "); brooke jade teen blogger October 21, 2017 October 21, 2017. 81.Are you into French fries or potato wedges? is the first and currently only episode of Tags by Mari Takahashi on her personal channel AtomicMari, featuring Melanie Moat. Attribution Information If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is negative, the tag is affirmative. I work in a bank. 13.Do you like boiled eggs or scrambled eggs? or didn't they? Keep reading #100 random questions… This is a free multiple-choice quiz that you can do online or print out. One can even use the questions to post on social media and this is a good way to pass time and let their friends know about them. Random. Part 1: 100 QUESTIONS TAG! 58.What is your favorite fruit? ‎It is requested that this page be expanded to include more relevant information. 20.When did you get your last haircut? At one point, she was locked out of the hotel room and had to explain why to her parents. 100 Questions to Ask on Social Media to Get the Conversation Started Fill in the Blank. 100 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Sexual or Dirty Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is something that both boys and girls enjoy doing, it is very important for the two lovers in a relationship to clear their doubts on any issues that might arise in their relationship. SLEEPING CROSS EYED You will see that most of the time, the auxiliary verb from the positive statement is repeated in the tag and changed to negative. You’re Spanish, aren’t you? I’m unemployed at the moment. 46.What operating system do you use for your cellphone? I run my own business.The word “run” means you are the primary person responsible for operating the business. Grammar explanation. Question tags are more common in speaking than writing. 75.Are you jealous of anyone? They can tag their friends and family in the post and they will later give their answers in another new post. You’re not Spanish, are you? They are often used for checking information that we think we know is true. Try this amazing Question Tags: Grammar Test! 94.Do you have any crush? Asking questions or answering questions? Melanie suggests that it was the actual Freddy Kreugar. auxiliary verb + subject 1. 80.Who is that one person you trust the most? Starring yes its alright! 19.Do you like to dance? IG: @JadahDoll Twitter: @Jadah_Doll ...sorry about my eyelashes. 17.Do you like grilling or baking? 50.Would you take a free helicopter ride or a seven-day trip in a 5-star hotel? Just For Fun Random Fun Survey Free Response. I am afraid he is seriously ill, isn't he? 5.Have you ever made a prank call to someone? 3. Not sure about first name but middle name was after my great uncle. ! 2,561 notes. Read the explanation to learn more. 22.What is your favorite planet? 100 random arse questions. YOU ARE READING. 74.Would you ever visit Africa? The typical question, "What's up?" Brooke Hess on August 17, 2020: Took me and my bff an hour but we loved it! So give this tag a go with the 100 questions below! 91.How many hours do you sleep? 66.Do you bite your nails? Complete the following exercise with question tags. 27.Are you scared of cockroaches? Let's not talk about it haha! Fall. 12:05 67.What is your favorite baby photo of yourself? Best 100 Questions Tag!?oldid=143783. We often use question tags when we expect the listener to agree with our statement. 72.What would you do with ten million dollars? 38.Do you like illusions? 100.How many times do you drink water in a day? March 15, 2014 WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? As per the title, There are 100 questions in this tag which allows your viewers or friends to get to know you by asking really uncommon questions about your preferences and experiences! Best 25 Questions Tag There are many questions that are stranger than others. Link Tag questions (or question tags) turn a statement into a question. questionsnooneasks, 100questions, tag. Fuck it. I’m a student. 3) Have you been pulled over by a cop? 35.Are you scared of the dentist? Mari: No, but has stolen a cutout of Elmo from Barnes & Noble as a teenager.Melanie: No. Are you more like Oso, Kara, Choro, Ichi, Jyushi or Todo? Tag questions. My all-time favorite book … YouTube tags is the perfect way to let people know about your lifestyle, your personal quirks and they person who you are. 26.Do you like to walk on the beach? 44.What was the best thing you bought? So if you need a list of awesome questions that helps you know more about someone, you won't find something better these questions! 100 QUESTIONS TAG! Look at these examples with positive statements. var sc_security="c2814499"; 71.Do you ever think you are on a wrong path? If you're in a relationship that's just starting out, go through and answer them together. 24.If you did not have internet connection for a year, what would you do? Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? Check out Melanie's new YouTube channel: @MostlyMelanie @AtomicMari // Hash: #SUCHFRIENDS, THE QUESTIONS (Also, yes, I know the questions are all cut off on the video. We use the same auxiliary verb in the tag as in the main sentence. 52.Do you agree that life is like a roller coaster? They are mainly used in speech when we want to: confirm that something is true or not, or ; to encourage a reply from the person we are speaking to. 85.Do you exercise daily? 6.What are some of the compliments you have received in the last couple of days? Tags It is a series of questions you have to answer about yourself. 63.Is there anything you wish to do before death? Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Have you ever stolen a street sign before? Youtube friend tag questions 2.1. 68.As a child, whom did you adored the most? 34.Would you rather live forever or die early? 88.Do you have any tattoos? SUPER MARI MAIL TIME #1 1.What was the second last photo of you that you took with your phone? You live in Spain, don’t you? document.write("